National Auto Sports Association is pleased to present our newest partner, GeoSky Alert! GeoSky Alert is the industry leader in personal vehicle tracking; protect your racecars, tow vehicles and trailers like the pros! Take advantage of this limited time introductory offer to protect your vehicles today!
What is GeoSky Alert?
The better way to protect your race car or trailer, GeoSky Alert monitors your vehicle 24/7 and alerts you if it moves! Providing unsurpassed peace of mind and affordability, giving you the ability to keep track of all of your vehicles using a mobile app!
Special Introductory Offer
for NASA Members
Internal Tracker*
With 1 year service plan
Internal Tracker*
No Contract, 2 Months FREE
Contact Ron Carter,, 760-576-3003 x703 for further information or to place your order today!

*GeoSky Alert provides internal and external antenna options depending on your application, external antenna units are slightly more expensive. Contact Ron Carter for more details.
It's not insurance, it's assurance.
Assurance that what was taken from you will be found again; quickly, easily and intact. Don’t wait until your vehicle is gone before taking action! GeoSky Alert automatically arms when you park, sends an alert if your vehicle is moved and allows you to track it in real time so you can act before it is too late. Our Partner GeoSky Alert utilizes highly advanced security protocols to protect your vehicles and your privacy.
  • Find your vehicle immediately, anywhere in the world.
  • Small discreet device is easily hidden and installation as simple as two wires to connect.
  • Protect your loved ones with real time tracking.
  • Easy-to-use, automatic Geo Fencing alerts you if your vehicle leaves the local area.
  • Discounts from your insurance provider.
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