What is GeoSky Alert?
GeoSky Alert monitors your vehicle 24/7 and alerts you if it moves! It provides unsurpassed peace of mind and affordability, giving you the ability to keep track of all your vehicles using the mobile app!
It's not insurance, it's assurance.
Assurance that what was taken from you will be found again; quickly, easily and intact. Don't wait until your vehicle is gone before taking action! GeoSky Alert automatically arms when you park, sends you an alert if your vehicle is moved, and allows you to track it in real time so you can act before it's too late.

Continuous monitoring and protection allows you to experience your vehicles with a new level of enjoyment and security, whether you’re at home or on the road! GeoSky Alert utilizes highly advanced security protocols to protect your information and privacy.
  • Find your vehicle immediately, anywhere in the world.
  • Small and discreet device is easily hidden and installation is simple with only two wires to connect. Additional alert inputs can be used to monitor doors opening and many other functions (may require additional installation and or sensors).
  • Get a discount from your insurance provider and avoid rate increases down the road.
  • Protect your loved ones with real time tracking and turn by turn notification. Full time vehicle history reporting lets you know where your vehicle has been.
  • Easy-to-use and automatic, Geo Fence alerts you if your vehicle leaves the local area.
But don't take our word for it, here's what our customers have to say:
"Once a car is stolen...No amount of insurance payout can replace the time and effort of restoration. The uses and possibilities for the GeoSky Alert are endless. I'm pretty excited about having both units, and I'll be ordering an additional unit for our truck soon."
Greg Childs - Phoenix, AZ
"Great product, great service. We just put units on 3 of our cars, to keep them safe, to keep us safe, and for the convenience of knowing where our cars are at all times. Forget where you parked? Just look at it on your GeoSkyAlert app. Someone opened your car door in the parking lot, and it wasn't you? Get a text message and email. Go to the app, and find out where your car is. Alert the authorities if need be."
Keith Downing - Yorba Linda, CA
"About a month ago my Datsun 240Z car and trailer were stolen. When I got the alert on my mobile phone I didn't hesitate, I went to where GeoSky Alert told me it would be, I'm so glad I did. We got the car and trailer back in under an hour. I wish to God, I would have done this a year and a half ago when all my gear, tools and favorite memorabilia was stolen from my Excursion."
Kevin McDonald, Mac's Performance - Los Angeles, CA
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